3 Tips For Fall Decorating

1. Warm up your color palette

In typical coastal decor homes, the color palette leans cool and bright. Even if you're used to decorating with "summer" colors, small pops of warm tones will do the trick in preparing your home for fall. It can really be as simple as replacing coffee table books with darker & warmer tones of green or orange, changing or adding foliage, or swapping out a piece of art for a more festive option. Changing out pillows or rugs is the easiest way to bring that warm fall feeling to your home. Aside from just the colors changing, opt for pillows that are chunkier in weight, vary in woven or knit structure, and encompass autumn themed elements. Changing or layering rugs to match the pillows will have your guests wondering if they're still in Florida after all!

2. Add layers and texture to your space

Here in Florida, our autumn feels a lot like summer. Although the weather is still hotthere's nothing better than the cozy and welcoming aesthetic of fall. An easy way to bring the feeling of fall down south, is by adding some textural layers. Woven textures like wicker, rattan, and sea grass are key elements in coastal decor, but can also help warm up a space when used in multiple areas of the home. Layering other objects like coffee table books, trays, napkins, and throw blankets will add warmth and interest. A blanket ladder that displays cozy knit throw blankets is a great way to add the typical autumn warmth without needing to turn up the air conditioning. 

3. Ambient lighting is your new best friend

Although our autumn and winter are arguably the best times to visit Florida, the days continue getting shorter and darker. It's important to have wall or table lamps in dark corners, reading lamps, and pendants or chandeliers. Choosing a warm toned lightbulb for these lights will create a beautiful vibe throughout the home. Additionally, candles can create a stunning subtle light and fill the house with fall aromas. Even if you're not a candle person, flickering candles are a great option to give the same light effect and vibe as real candles without the risks.

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