No Time for a Beach Vacation? We'll Show You How to Recreate the Feeling at Home

If your perception of coastal design aligns closely with imagery of anchors, a predominantly blue and white color palette, and an abundance of seashells, we completely understand your perspective. While one might assume that such elements are inherent to coastal design given the name, they more accurately characterize nautical decor. Prepare for a paradigm shift—coastal design is an entity distinct from its nautical counterpart. While there are shared elements between the two, coastal design exudes a more subtle and sophisticated aesthetic, steering clear of overtly bold or kitschy features. So, where precisely does one distinguish between the two?

Inviting the Coast Inside

Coastal design stands distinct from both Mediterranean and tropical aesthetics. In its simplest definition, coastal design encapsulates a beachy ambiance. Employing natural light, soft hues, and a pristine aesthetic, it aims to evoke the refreshing atmosphere of the seaside. Essentially, it imbues the feeling of perpetual summer within the confines of your home. According to Will Taylor, the author of Dream Decor and the blogger behind Bright Bazaar, a coastal space draws inspiration from its natural surroundings, encompassing everything from the color palette to the materials employed. Core features typically include textures derived from jute, earth tones, layered blues, crisp whites, stripes, and loose linen upholstery.

Let the Light Shine

In a coastal residence, ample natural light is imperative. The interior spaces should never convey a sense of dimness or confinement; instead, they should exude a feeling of lightness, openness, and airiness. The objective is to create an atmosphere where the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces becomes imperceptible. Achieving this effect relies heavily on the inclusion of large windows, glass doors, and skylights. Moreover, window treatments are deliberately kept minimal to avoid hindering the influx of natural light.

Find Peace In Natural Elements


To establish a laid-back and effortless ambiance, coastal design commonly integrates a variety of natural elements. This is evident in the choice of furniture, often crafted from materials such as wicker, rattan, or light, weathered woods, and fabrics. Rugs typically feature straw, seagrass, or jute, while textiles are characterized by simplicity and a lack of shine. The design avoids the use of metallics or flashy textures, opting instead for natural materials and light, airy fabrics, such as sheer curtain panels. While wood is a prevalent choice, it is often treated with techniques like white-washing or selected in tones like blond maple or ash.

Focus on White

Contrary to the common perception of coastal design featuring a bold blue and white color scheme, a more accurate representation often involves a clean and crisp white interior. In essence, coastal design aligns with minimalist principles, adhering to the philosophy that less is more and favoring neutral tones. The emphasis on natural light further amplifies the choice of a white palette, creating an atmosphere of heightened airiness within the space.

While the dominant color scheme tends towards white, it doesn't preclude the use of accent colors. However, maintaining a soft and subdued aesthetic is key, as this design ethos shies away from bold elements. Accent colors within coastal design typically include warmer neutrals like beige or khaki, as well as light blues, grays, and greens. This careful selection of hues ensures a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere that resonates with the relaxed coastal vibe.

Go Slip-Covered

Coastal furniture is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of casual comfort and ease within living spaces. While the use of natural materials like rattan and wicker is prevalent in coastal design, achieving the perfect balance is key. A surplus of these materials may result in a matchy-matchy appearance or an overly busy aesthetic. To counteract this, designers often opt for slip-covered furniture, embracing light cottons and linen fabrics to maintain a harmonious and open ambiance.

The strategic incorporation of slip-covered furniture not only introduces an additional layer of texture but also contributes to the overall relaxed vibe associated with coastal design. This choice serves as a practical solution, allowing for easy maintenance and providing the flexibility to change the look with minimal effort. The light and airy qualities of cotton and linen fabrics further enhance the coastal aesthetic, creating an inviting atmosphere that effortlessly blends comfort and style. In essence, the selection of furniture in coastal design is a thoughtful curation, aimed at striking the perfect balance between natural elements and a laid-back, yet refined, appeal.

Seashell Decor Tip—Less is More


When embarking on coastal decor, it's essential to strike a balance that avoids the extremes of antler motifs or modern, geometric accents. Incorporating subtle seaside touches like shells, glass bottles, or woven baskets is encouraged, but the key is moderation. The aim is to cultivate an atmosphere that radiates ease and natural beauty, steering clear of any kitschy or overdone elements, with a firm stance against clutter. In coastal decor, simplicity is the guiding principle – keeping the design clean, unembellished, and in harmony with the laid-back spirit of coastal living. By artfully integrating select seaside elements, one can infuse the space with coastal character while maintaining a visually appealing and serene ambiance. In essence, the success of coastal decor lies in the judicious application of carefully chosen elements and an unwavering commitment to simplicity.

Your Beach Right at Home

In our fast-paced world, it's all too common for our dreams of a tranquil beach getaway to slip through the cracks amidst our hectic schedules. However, the lack of time or resources for an exotic vacation shouldn't deprive us of experiencing the soothing calm and serenity that a beach retreat offers. This blog post shares valuable tips and tricks to help you transform your home into a personal oasis. From infusing coastal colors into your decor to curating a beach-inspired playlist, there are countless ways to infuse seaside vibes into your living space. Take the first step towards creating your own coastal retreat by exploring the offerings at DanaTyler Home. With our extensive selection of coastal home decor and furniture, you'll find everything you need to recreate the rejuvenating ambiance of a beach vacation right in your own home. Don't delay any longer – start your shopping journey today and turn your dream of a beach getaway into a reality within the comfort of your living room. Trust us, the investment will be well worth it!

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