Why You Should Buy Art From Living Artists

I know I know, you've been told your entire life that artwork is only worth investing in if the artist is no longer alive. However, there are plenty of living artists out there who produce works of equal quality and equal relevance as artists from the past. Apart from having an immediate impact on their career, investing in living artists can change the future of art as a whole.

If you've ever heard the term "starving artist", it derived from the fact that artists usually can't afford to only create art. Most work part time or even full time jobs while perfecting their craft on the side. If artists sold more art, and therefor could afford to be full time artists, who knows how many people would go on to become our next generations Picasso. 

Now this one should be obvious, but buying art from living artists who haven't made it "big" just yet means that you could quite possibly be sitting on a golden egg. Investing a small amount of money with a local artist, supporting the local economy and treating your art with care and respect could help you earn a lot more money than you originally invested.

Last but not least, although art is subjective, it's also extremely personal and emotional. Having the opportunity to speak with or learn from the artist themselves will help you develop an even deeper connection to your art. Plus, the dead don't need the money anyway!

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